Levure Litteraire’den şairimiz Müesser Yeniay’a bir ödül daha

Levure Litteraire’den şairimiz Müesser Yeniay’a bir ödül daha

The jury, composed of editors & publishers LL, has selected the honorary award of our publication: talented Poets, Visual Artists, Musicians, and Poetic Performers present in the numbers 9 and 10 of our online magazine.
From the total of POETS published online on our website in 2014, here is the list of all the WINNERS to POETRY/POESIE/DICHTUNG/POEZIA! Congratulations to the Winners! All artites are talented! In this small list, there are artists who have received the maximum votes! Well Done:
1. the same nomber of votes:
Dorianne Laux (USA) : http://levurelitteraire.com/dorianne-laux-2/
Françoise Hàn (France): http://levurelitteraire.com/francoise-han-writer-and-liter…/

2. the same nomber of votes:
Müesser Yeniay (Turkey): http://levurelitteraire.com/muesser-yeniay/
John FitzGerlad (USA): http://levurelitteraire.com/john-fitzgerald-10/

3. the same nomber of votes:
Elena Stefoi (Romania): http://levurelitteraire.com/elena-stefoi/
Nikola Madzirov (Macedonia):http://levurelitteraire.com/nikola-madzirov-3/
Marc Vincenz (England-Swiss): http://levurelitteraire.com/marc-vincenz-210/

thank you and congratulations to all participants and especially to the winners!

these authors, poets-winners and the winners of poetry performance will be published in anthologies (on paper), in usa, by finishing line press!