Yabancı Şairlerden Gezi Hakkında Destek Mesajları

Yabancı Şairlerden Gezi Hakkında Destek Mesajları

Yabancı ülkelerdeki şair arkadaşlarımıza Gezi olaylarına ilişkin düşüncelerini sorduk.
Sorumuz ve cevapları aşağıdadır:
Soru:Dear foreigner poet friends.
I ask your help in supporting Gezi events. Responding this message would suffice to show your support.

Joan Manresa
Friendship and love you. A hug.
Robert Serban
Hello! You have my support!
Jovanka Stojcinovic Nikoli
Da, podrška nije sporna
Lucila Nogueira
Yes I support Gezi events.
Tzoutzi Mantzourani
All my respect to the people who are there.
Ukë Buçpapaj
Graziana Laura Maellaro
You are not alone! All my thoughts are for you!
Michel Cassir
I fully support Gezi events and my friends fighting for dignity…
Xavier Queipo
I am and I always be with those that suffer the injustice and the oppresion by the tyranns.
Xavier Queipo
Roman Kissiov
Salah Al Hamdani
I support
Milica Lilic
Dear friends I dont know much about that,
but for all a positiv I give support…Greeting.
Genny Lim
Yes I will support you! Please keep me informed so I will post news widely! Take care, you and Metin and all Turkish people!
Hava Pinhas- Cohen
Tell me what to do and will do. I will be happy to help.
Vito Intini
caro Cengiz hai tutto il mio sostegno Viva la Libertà . viva la democrazia . Turchia libera e in Europa…
Messi Messe
Dear, I follow with alarm the news from Istanbul, and hear about it from my friends there. I also sent poems to some international sites in support of the protesters. I hope you’ll overcome this dicatator.
Niels Hav
Dear friend,
To be a citizen in a democracy means to have the freedom to speak, protest in peace and be listened to. I wish Turkey could live up to that basic conditions as I love this country and its people…
Michael Augustin
I am in the South of Spain at this moment. I read the newspaper here every day (El Pais) and I am shocked by the brutality of the Turkish government against the people who are demanding civil rights which are basic human rights in 2013. I fully support the protesters. Michael Augustin, poet & broadcaster, Bremen, Germany.
Akram Alkatreb
yes my friend
Olimbi Velaj
Dear Metin
I hope things are getting better for protesters there. I am with you in my mind and wish you to achieve your aim.
With all my respect and admiration, Olimbi
Stefania Battistella
Of course, Metin, we are (me and beppe) following all your news and the channel “rai news 24” here in italy is a very good channel and i saw that all the news that you post on facebook, rai news 24 tell the same things 1 hour after you… infact is a channel that you can see on the web only and whith paytv.
we are with you
beppe and stefania
Jean-Pierre Crespel
Now everything is too quiet and under high supervision
The fear settles down everywhere and she will allow the government to continue all that he wants to make. I suggest to all not to expose itself pointlessly and to master everything of whom is written
The machine to crush is going to crush inevitably because it is its role.
The poets of SIIRDEN have to be able to continue to publish
So I suggest to Métin to return to his work of publisher, editor and poet.
It is the only possible answer.
Maintain the humanism up to the implementation of a massive censorship….
Giuseppe Napolitano
yes, of course! oui, mon ami… SONO MOLTO PREOCCUPATO PER QUELLO CHE SUCCEDE IN TURCHIA… in my blog lastanzadelpoeta2.wordpress.com you can read about HIKMET…
Peter Curman
lt week there was a big demnstration in Stockholm where I also spoke about your brave fight in Instanbul. I said that we must all keep together and defend freedom of speech and human rights. You are fighting for us all in Tazim, in Ankara and elsewhere in Turkey. You must know that we stand beside you!
Best greetings,
Doug Valentine
I’m in touch with Muesser, who sent me a poem about Gezi. I think about you both every day.
It’s the same everywhere, as natural resources diminish, and population expands, the super rich use gov’t to put “legal” and economic “austerity” restrictions on the working class, while expanding police and para-military and “intelligence” powers. You in Turkey and Europe and Latin America are at the forefront of the resistance.
Yiorgos Chouliaras
Thank you, Metin. We are with you at Taksim.
Just to let you know that I have been been passing your request on to others & encouraging Hellenic Authors’ Society members and other poets and authors
to express their support.
eleni karra
Cher Metin, je t’ ecris de mon addresse electronique personnelle, je pense a toi ces derniers temps, en voyant les choses terribles qui se passent a Gezi, je t’ envoie mon support et mon amitie.
The Executive Board of the Hellenic Authors’ Society
Dear Metin, we send you the announcement that we just sent to our members, and also to the Greek Press:


We wish to express our solidarity and support, on behalf of authors in Greece, to poets and writers in Gezi Park or elsewhere in Turkey struggling for freedom of expression and democracy.
The attached solidarity statement was just sent
to Metin by the Hellenic Authors’ Society.
claire lajus
Sevgili Metin,
sizi destekliyorum, ve endiseyle olaylari izliyorum…Ne yapabilirim? Amnesty International polisin orantisiz guc kullanmasina karsi dilekçe yazdi, onu imzaladim.
Kalbim sizinle, Sevgiler,
Gervasios Kantakouzinos
We thank you!…. Kiss for me my dedem homeland Besiktas ve Kurtulus!!!! You live in thw TOWN OF THE TOWN.
Ivan Antonovski
There friend, I am with you. You and Turkey have my support.
Jon Andersen
I am in solidarity with your struggle, Metin!
عصام الشوا Essam El Shawwa
ok we will …
Branko Čegec
dear friend Metin, you and your friends have all my sympathy! good luck!
Vanda Miksic
Dear Metin, you have all of my support! Best, Vanda
Alexis Ziras, ex President of the Greek Author’s Society
Dear Metin , I would like to express my support in your fight against the totalitarian tactics of the Turkishgovernment. Especially the authors who participate in the Gezi events, as an effort of your country to not return to outmoded forms of political power.
Patricia Nikolova
Dear Metin,
Of course I support of authors in Greece, to poets and writers in Gezi Park or elsewhere in Turkey struggling for freedom of expression and democracy.
Furthermore, Bulgarian PEN Center, of which I am a member, a week ago has already sent a special declaration of support for these events.
Warm regards and best wishes.
Cher Metin,
J’étais au Portugal, je ne comprends pas bien ton message.
Bien sûr, je pense à vous et aux événements de Gezi. Je suis de près ce qui se passe et vous soutiens de tout coeur. Ce mouvement déstabilise le discours des islamistes tunisiens qui mentent à la population en disant nous sommes modérés comme l’AKP !
Ce qui est terrible : pour l’économie, on va sacrifier la liberté sur l’autel de la finance !
Le monde se QATARISE !
Je t’envoie ci-joint le poème que j’ai traduit et pour lequel le poète Mohamed Ibn Dhib, du Qatar en prison pour 15 ans
Afroviti Gusho
Dear Metin Cengiz
I strongly support Gezi events.
Iro Nikopoulou
Hello Mettin, I send you warm greeting of support to the just and nice fight that you do. I wish you to succeed and all to go well.
Very friendly
Emmanuel Merle
nous suivons de près les événements dramatiques qui ont lieu en ce moment à Istambul. Nous soutenons évidemment les manifestations et la volonté de liberté qui les guident, nous partageons également les craintes de la population.
Amitiés vives. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer un jour.
To the Board of PEN International
To the Turkish authorities

7th of June 2013, Skopje, R. Macedonia

We, the members of the Balkan PEN Network, and participants of the 14th Regional PEN Conference taking place in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, discussing the topic of Freedom of expression (“Word and Freedom”), are deeply concerned with the actual situation in Turkey, with the increasing limitation of the freedom of expression in the world today, with the lack of media coverage, and with the control that the authorities take over the mainstream media, and herein, we are particularly calling the relevant Turkish authorities:

– To immediately stop the brutality and violence being used by police against protesters in Turkey over the past few days;

– To stop all use of excessive force against the expression of different and opposed opinions in society;

– To take necessary actions to protect civilians, and their democratic right to peacefully protest against the abolishment of the basic human rights and destruction of their environment;

– To provide assurances that nobody arrested during the last events in Turkey remains in prison.

Therefore, the Balkan PEN Network asks PEN International to condemn the biased media coverage in Turkey, to give necessary support to the Turkish PEN Center and join us in our demands addressed to the Turkish authorities.

Vida Ognienovic, Vice President of PEN International and Chairwoman of the Balkan PEN Network

Risto Lazarov,

President of Macedonian PEN Center